The Father's Daughter

"See how very much our father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are..." 1John 3:1

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There has been one word resounding in my head today…


What is simplicity exactly? A lack of complexity, complication, embellishment, or difficulty according to the dictionary. I love it. As a sophomore in college that is striving to make good grades, maintain a decent social life, stay active, and continue to be involved at my church, that definition is like a breath of fresh air.


So if I want this beautiful word to be in my life, where will it come from? Where can I find that today? Everything is so complex usually. Life is always so hectic. I sometimes feel like this season is too much for me! But my God has done something remarkable that He knew I and many others would need.



The author of heaven and earth, the creator of the universe and everything in it, the one who knows more about me than I could ever imagine, has given me simplicity through His word. There is no scientific formula for the gospel. There is not a key that I need to decipher His word. He knew that the human race would not be able to comprehend Him in His entirety, so He gave us simplicity. He gave us His simple words to live by and to understand. He tells us how to live in such a way that it is actually possible for us to be able to do. But what happens when we cannot even do that? Grace. Grace happens. Jesus took on all our trials and sin so that we may simply live for Him without cost. He truly paid the highest price. We are able to live, knowing that we aren’t perfect, knowing that we are going to mess up, but also knowing that when we fail, His grace doesn’t.

Father, I am so thankful for simple truths in your word. I am thankful for your Holy Spirit that teaches me how to live for you and how to walk with you. Thank you for your Son Jesus who took on the price that I could never pay. I am so, so thankful to you, I love You, Lord.

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The Biology of it.

Who else besides me gets a little ticked when you’re siting in College science classes and they start talking about any sort of origin of any kind of form of life? Well as for me, I can’t help but get a bit frustrated. It’s one of those times where I say, “Ok God, you can go ahead and appear out of thin air and tell these knuckle heads about how you created everything.”

He hasn’t done that yet.

Could He? Heck yea, but I guess that’s not in the cards right now.

So as I sit through Biology, and I get passed the comments that irk me, I begin to marvel. How is it that that others don’t see what I see? How is it that the hummingbird’s beak is designed to retrieve nectar from certain flowers only? Why are there some flowers that can only be fertilized by pollen that is carried by one breed of wasp? How can pine cones know to have female cones at the top and male cones at the bottom for the wind to blow around? What is actually smaller than an atom? What causes the body to work? Yes, blood is pumped through the heart and carried all over, but how does the complex body actually keep on working?

How is it possible that the more that people learn about the natural world, the more they try to take the credit away from the creator?

As the sciences get more complex and detailed, all I see is God and His glory. Every small detail of every system of every living organism points to Him. Accident? I don’t think so. This world and Universe was created by a being. This is intelligent design.

So next time you’re sitting through the Darwin’s theory lecture, be patient. Think about the story of creation. Think about the little details that magnify God. And pray. Pray that God uses you to open up the lost’s eyes to Him.

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"It’s A Wonderful Life"

To start, this weekend was fabulous! I got to spend much needed time with the love of my life, saw a movie (free is the best), and spent some amazing time with our creator. It was pretty awesome.

So, the movie was called “It’s A Wonderful Life.” It’s probably one of the most well known Christmas movies out there. The story is about a man who lives in a small town since he was a child, marries his sweetheart and takes over the family business. On Christmas Eve one year, the bank deposit is lost and George is in serious trouble. He then goes to a bridge and considers taking his life. The story goes on and George gets to see what his town and the people he knew would be like if he has never been born and this got me thinking. It got me thinking a lot. The thing about this was that the town and people weren’t slightly different, they were completely different! Since we will most likely never get to see what the world would be like if we had never been born, it’s hard to think about. When I thought about this as a Christian, I couldn’t help but thank God for the things that He has done for me. Even though I may not see many of the affects that He has on people through me, I’m thankful that He chose to make me and use me as His servant! I also thought a lot about how I WAS born for a reason. There’s a specific plan for my life and that’s why I was born! I don’t ever want to take that lightly. It’s a responsibility and a privilege all in one. So if you ever start doubting your existence, think about how it would be different if you had never been born. Think about a time that you specifically remember God using you in someone’s life, and if you can’t remember one, pray for to happen! You’re here for a purpose, and the purpose is Christ. Now go forth and live for Him, for you chosen and created to do so.

Until the whole world hears,